Saturday, October 11, 2014

Spring Break John Day River Trip

In April, Kirti and I spent 7 days on the John Day river in our rafts.  We put on at Service Creek and traveled 120 miles to the take out at Cottonwood.  Kirti ran her Super Duper Puma and I was in my Pioneer Riken.  We were comfortable in our rafts.  Since there were only two of us, we were traveling light.

Partway through the trip, at the Clarno put in,  Jonathan joined us in his sea kayak.

We lucked out with great weather.  It was sunny and warm during the day and cool at night.  Camping was fantastic.   We were able to do at least 5 good hikes.  Several were new hikes for us.

The flow was good and we had a lot of time so I was able to pull over to check things out whenever I wanted to.

Here is a slideshow of our trip: John Day River Trip Vimeo

Hiking above camp looking upstream

Soaking Up Warmth from the Sun
Kirti rowing downstream

Taking in the view on our first hike
Painted hills are hidden everywhere

Kirti splashing through some fun stuff